Monday, 2 April 2012

Early Morning Drive :

Getting no sleep, probably struck by insomnia or should i call it the excitement, I left for an early morning drive ! The always "on-move" city, the always "honking" city was so quiet and divine! You could hear the crows, the leaf fall - hard to imagine for a city  like Mumbai.

Where you see a minimum of 100s of people in every street you turn, there were only few countable milkmen or newspaper boys. There was this one old "kaka" as we call, or old uncle with a stereo type white mustache who was standing by the sea and selling the most famous "cutting-chai" ! No other tea in any 5-Stars can also compete with these local tea vendors.

Driving through the Sea Link was beautiful as you could see tiny waves catching up with the morning, birds dipping in to probably bathe or drink water, the cemented road also seemed to join nature by awakening into dew drops!

It was a beautiful morning drive - in this beautiful city of Mumbai !  

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