Thursday, 27 November 2014

Morning Hunger Pangs

Well, Today early morning we left as early as 5.00 am! We hit the Highway and reached Khar West (Western) from Powai (Central) in 12 minutes flat ! We didnt believe that otherwise this very route takes you over 60-70 minutes! What we witnessed on road was how a particular sector of people in Mumbai had started their day - the newspaper boys were out cycling for deliveries....the clattering milk jars on cycles were being carried to residences for their morning tea! 

Around 6.30-7.00 am the 4 of us were struck with Hunger! What do you do?

Remember its Mumbai! It will NEVER disappoint you! 

Its simple....we entered one of the roads of JVPD scheme (Perpendicular to the 10th Road) and spotted this "Anna" ready with steaming hot idli and medu vada! We hogged on 4 plates of the same ! The white coconut chutney and the sambar (lentil preparation) was as delicious and as fresh it could be. Each plate was for  Rs.25/- and while paying him his first earning of Rs. 100/- we were well content. 

The realization set in more firmly about how this city of Mumbai can suffice all expectations and wants of EVERYBODY!