Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Late Afternoon I had the opportunity to take an Ayurvedic Treatment at one of the Kerala Centres in Mumbai.......

There was this amazing treatment of "Potli" in which they use a hot compress ball ( which is made of all ayurvedic and Indian herbs), this warm potli is correctly pressed into points of your back which are painful! Its the best feeling ever.....imagine some one squeezing out pain from your tired muscle so gently....

Followed by it was Shirodhara (which literally means head-stream) in which oil from a "kalash" or v-shapped vessel, would be poured on the centre of your forehead......this ancient therapy from the South of India is profound in its cure for severe head aches, migraines and hyper tension.

Totally took me a 2 hours, but was equivalent of a good 8 hour sleep. So fresh and charged now, I am ready to be working all night !

*Credits to Kerala Ayurveda

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