Monday, 14 May 2012

Hanging Gardens

So over this weekend, we happened to go to hanging gardens twice.

Now technically the hanging gardens at Malabar Hill was built over three reservoirs which can store up to 300 million gallons of water!

This is one of the only gardens which has the old red soil of Maharashtra. A rare sight in Mumbai.

The flower beds, the trees, the scenic beauty has been well kept by the government, and inevitably the Hanging Gardens tends to be in the top list of Tourist Attraction Spots.

Well, very frankly the number of visitors we take remain enthusiastic only till the time we enter Hanging Gardens. Nevertheless, yes they are fascinated by the red soil and the fact of being built over reservoirs, they prefer the view from the opposite Kamla Nehru Park.

Well yes this view is quite breath taking. You stand there and and you witness the entire Marine Drive, Queens Necklace as well as the Chowpatty. I guess this is only of its kind spot.

To go here in the evening and slowly watch the expanse of sand at chowpatty be speckled by toy-looking humans.

It is quite artistic, and personally a better tourist spot then the former Hanging Gardens.

What are your views on the same?

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  1. Nice post of the Hanging garden Mumbai. Its one of the best place to have nice admirable view of the Arabian sea and best place for kids to play.Visit it on weekends, as its one of the top 10 attractions of Mumbai.